Alissa Quart
Journalism, among other universities, and was a 2010 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. [Photo by Charlie Gross]
Nathaniel: Work in Progress
teenager. Charlie Gross Nathaniel remembers his earliest years as Angelica only as "clips," but they were Nathaniel at the Westside Pier near Covenant House. Charlie Gross A few miles from the hipster sprawl of modern Brooklyn is the 200-year-old Kings County Hospital, in East Flatbush, home to the psych facility the late rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard memorialized in "Brooklyn Zoo" ("In the G Building takin' all types of medicine"). The gothic, infamous "G" was closed in 2009, and Kings County's Behavioral Health Center, where I volunteer as a resident artist, now inhabits the airy new R Building, heralding a reset for the public institution. After years of neglect and the much-publicized 2008 death of Jamaican immigrant Esmin Green, who was found gonna hide who I was. I was terrified, but I wasn't gonna hide it." Charlie Gross Yet this what this creative, stylish, witty, and driven 21-year-old had already lived through. Charlie Gross We Charlie Gross PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with Lenny. The story of one young person's journey through gender, depression, shelters, and all the rest.   Charlie Gross wearing paint on my body." Charlie Gross Angelica first hooked up with a girl at twelve. But when
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