Foreclosure Victims Say Donald Trump’s Economic Advisor Drove Them Out Of Their Homes
telling me God put us in this place to do something with this.” David Dayen is a freelance journalist David Dayen David Dayen ANALYSIS Co-published with The Intercept. These are the people Donald Trump wants to have running our economy.
When Your Used Car Makes You a Target for Cops
David Dayen NEWS | FEATURES Co-published with VICE. Buying a car and actually owning it in the eyes our conversation. "It should be," she replied. "This is the whole problem!" David Dayen is a freelance David Dayen
I Tried to Make My Home Energy Efficient and It's Ruining My Life
nowhere to go. I cannot live on the street. I need to hold on to what I have.” David Dayen is a freelance David Dayen David Dayen FEATURES Co-published with VICE. People across America are pitched what seems like a
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