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EHRP-Supported Film Wins Emmy
-income pregnant women, keeping many mired in poverty. From left Jamie Boyle, Maisie Crow and Alissa Maisie Crow's gripping film recounts how the radical pro-life movement pressures and recruits low Quart at the Emmy Awards. Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown. Listen to Maisie Crow’s speech here.
One Doctor’s Mission: Safe Abortions in the South
Dr. Willie Parker, an abortion provider spotlighted in Alissa Quart and Maisie Crow's The Last
"Maisie Crow’s Jackson, about the last-remaining abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi, where the final surviving Mississippi abortion clinic, Maisie Crow's elegant, unsettling Jackson finds issues Image courtesy of Maisie Crow. Click here to see the trailer. Maisie Crow's Jackson tells the story community." - Film Journal International After an award-winning career as a photojournalist, Maisie Maisie Crow MULTIMEDIA Film by Maisie Crow. Premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and Maisie Crow Maisie Crow, it’s an assured film that is simultaneously fierce and kind in its depiction of two the LA Film Festival. Maisie Crow expands on her Emmy-nominated documentary The Last Clinic
Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic, Captured in Photos
Maisie Crow Published by The Cut. Maisie Crow's Jackson tells the story of the lack of abortion access in Maisie Crow with co-producer and editor Jamie Boyle and executive producers Barbara Ehrenreich, Johanna
The Last Clinic
making peace with an uncertain God."   A longer version of this story is available from Atavist. Maisie Crow is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Alissa Quart is the Maisie Crow , and Republic of Outsiders, as well as the poetry book Monetized. All photos: Courtesy of Maisie Crow Co Maisie Crow MULTIMEDIA | FEATURE | ANALYSIS Co-published with Atavist. Written excerpt in The
Media Impact Funders: Alissa Quart Q&A
Maisie Crow, which will be showing at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film
Alissa Quart & Barbara Ehrenreich discuss the Future of Journalism with Vogue
Maisie Crow, for The Atavist in 2014, about the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last abortion
Video Shows Texas Troopers Ripping Apart Immigrant Families During Traffic Stops
Video by Maisie Crow and Lauren Feeney IN TEXAS, STATE troopers have become frontline enforcers of . and abroad. Maisie Crow is a documentary film director and photographer who lives in Marfa, Texas Lauren Feeney & Maisie Crow MULTIMEDIA Co-published with The Intercept. In Texas, state troopers Maisie Crow
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