What Do You Want in Your Next President?
Matt Eich innovative." — Rich-Joseph Facun, photographer Matt Eich is a photographic essayist and portrait Reporter Kate Linthicum and photographer Matt Eich recently visited the important swing state of Matt Eich PHOTOGRAPHY Co-Published with The Los Angeles Times. Ohio voters discuss how they feel about America and what they hope for in a president.
"I Feel Forgotten": A Decade of Struggle in Rural Ohio
. Kate Linthicum is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times based in Mexico City. Matt Eich is a Kate Linthicum and Matt Eich PHOTOGRAPHY | ANALYSIS Co-published with The New Yorker. In the spring Kate Linthicum’s essay in “Carry Me Ohio,” by Matt Eich, which is out this month from Sturm & Drang In the spring of 2009, I traveled to rural Ohio to meet the people my friend Matt Eich had been
Lessons on Life, Love, and Connectedness
Matt Eich , connectedness, love, and what it means to try your hardest as a parent. In 2016, Matt Eich‘s “Carry Me Matt Eich PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with National Geographic. Matt Eich has been photographing the All photographs by Matt Eich One day, while wandering a small village in southeastern Ohio, I
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