Visualizing Common Core
Rian Dundon PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with The New York Times. What the controversial educational Rian Dundon Rian Dundon is a photojournalist living in Oakland, CA. His first book, Changsha, is a record of
Rian Dundon
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The Telecom Tower Next Door
(Cell Site 10), San Francisco, 2017. (Rian Dundon) His project was partly inspired by California’s Untitled (Cell Site 2), Emeryville, 2017. // Rian Dundon In Rian Dundon’s latest untitled project fully on altruistic terms.” Untitled (Cell Site 7), San Francisco, 2017. (Rian Dundon) Ultimately . (Rian Dundon) All of the photos in the series are taken within the bounds of Silicon Valley, and , tucked between buildings.” Untitled (Cell Site 8), Oakland, 2017. (Rian Dundon) Dundon isn’t Teresa Mathew & Rian Dundon PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with CityLab. A new photo series depicts and
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