The Case for More Female Cops
Limon, Colorado. (Courtesy of Sarah Smarsh) Betty and Dorothy took jobs working in diners along the sex. Give them half the badges and let them protect this country. Sarah Smarsh is a journalist who has Sarah Smarsh - Web Photo 1.jpg . Sarah Smarsh discusses the police force’s gender problem and a Wichita woman’s efforts inside the criminal justice system that failed her. Sarah Smarsh Sarah Smarsh FEATURE | ESSAY Co-published with Longreads. Nearly nine out of ten cops are men -husband in Colorado. (Courtesy of Sarah Smarsh) Nationwide, according to Bureau of Justice statistics Betty in uniform for the Wichita Police Reserve, 1977. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Smarsh) Betty was
What Donald Trump Will Have To Accept: Without Journalism, There Is No America
Sarah Smarsh Sarah Smarsh ANALYSIS Co-published with The Guardian. How American journalists should organize and journalism, there is no America. Sarah Smarsh is a journalist who has reported on public policy and
Working-Class Women are Too Busy for Gender Theory – But They're Still Feminists
Sarah Smarsh Sarah Smarsh FEATURES Co-published with The Guardian. You won’t get very far as a poor woman , “they’d go around and say, ‘This is where Dolly Parton ran into the wall.’” Sarah Smarsh is a
How We're Working with Reporters from Around America to Cover Class and Inequality
: Rosie Roberts Sarah Smarsh is a journalist, but she’s not typical, at least not by national media sarah smarsh
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