Behind Bars, Beyond Means: the Crushing Expense of Loving Someone in Prison
van company, she has a full-time job as a social worker. Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville About Lisa Riordan Seville & Zara Katz PHOTOGRAPHY | ANALYSIS Co-published with The Guardian. When Zara Katz themselves in the van’s seats. Kristal slid the door shut; she had five more stops to go. Zara Katz & Lisa : bridging the gap between inmates and their loved ones.” Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville The sun . Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville “Make sure y’all don’t have no wire or nothing in your bra. They may The Crime Report, among other publications. Zara Katz is an independent multimedia producer for
Objects to Remind You of Your Loved One Locked Away in Jail
Lisa Riordan Seville and Zara Katz were asked to choose one object they hold on to to remind themselves of their loved ones currently serving time.
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