The Women Who Ride for Hours to Visit Loved Ones in Prison
Zora J Murff : Zora J Murff Crystal Speaks, co-owner of Bridging the Gap When her son Jarvae was 10, his father died across the state. Photograph: Zora J Murff Cassandra, driver ‘Myself, I said that I would never deal : Zora J Murff Erica, rider ‘Me and this crazy man, we’ve been rocking for a long time together. If I , because we love them’. Photograph: Zora J Murff Lois, rider “I was six or eight weeks pregnant when he Zora J Murff PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with The Guardian. They all use the van service provided by ’. Photograph: Zora J Murff Tanesha, rider Two years ago, Tanesha climbed into Kristal’s van and started talking
Objects to Remind You of Your Loved One Locked Away in Jail
Zora J Murff PHOTOGRAPHY Co-published with The Guardian. The Philadelphia-area women interviewed by Zora J Murff keeps her years of prison visitation photos in a plastic bag Photograph: Zora J Murff When Zora J Murff Tanesha’s husband Sherod had these socks made for her in prison Photograph: Zora J Murff Erica Photograph: Zora J Murff Aisha keeps all her visiting day photos in a small photo book Photograph: Zora J Murff Erica love waits” Photograph: Zora J Murff Letters from Jeff to Lois. The text reads: P.S. Jpay [prison find something else to email Photograph: Zora J Murff Photographs of Jeff throughout his life
Behind Bars, Beyond Means: the Crushing Expense of Loving Someone in Prison
Zora J. Murff In the half light on a quiet street on the edge of west Philadelphia, Kristal Bush
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