April 2016

Economic Hardship Reporting Project is proud to announce that it expanded its Working Sources database to include experts in History and Housing. Our new experts include social movement scholars, oral historians,

Co-published with The American Prospect. Journalist Linda Tirado is dying after being shot by cops while covering the George Floyd protests. Her work told the story of poverty from the inside out.

Co-published with New Orleans Public Radio. As Louisiana’s coastline changes, Vietnamese-Louisianans are having to reimagine their relationship with water.

EHRP is pleased to announce that it has hired two development consultants from Bash Advisory, Sara Elghobashy and Matilda Johnson. Welcome, Sara and Matilda!

Co-published with The Baffler. Myopic responses perpetuate the “opioid epidemic.”

Co-published with Oxford American. A Florida family coaxes earthworms from the forest floor.

From June 1 to June 16, 2024, visit Brooklyn Bridge Park to experience EHRP's labor project with Mother Jones and Magnum Foundation in person. The installation, “Can American Labor Seize the Moment?”, derives from earlier this year when EHRP-supported photojournalists documented the

EHRP is honored to announce that its senior editor Deborah Jian Lee won the prestigious EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize from the Education Writers Association for “Persecution in the Name of the Lord,” which was co-published by EHRP and Esquire in August 2023.

EHRP is excited to announce that its housing series co-published with VPM News in 2023 was named a finalist for an Ñ Award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. The series chronicled the struggles of residents of a mobile

In May 2024, EHRP senior editor Deborah Jian Lee’s EHRP/Esquire 5500-word feature, “Persecution in the Name of the Lord,” received an Honorable Mention at the Asian American Journalists Association Awards. Lee's piece was honored in the Excellence in Written Reporting, News

Co-published with Teen Vogue. Beyond the mental burden of the loans themselves, debt sometimes means people can't afford the care they need.

Executive director Alissa Quart joined journalist Jia Tolentino at an EHRP fundraiser in Brooklyn to discuss our organization’s mission to support independent journalists as well as to read from our anthology, Going for Broke. Attendees included renowned editors and journalists from publications

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