How Fusion, The Guardian, & EHRP are changing the coverage of underreported areas, Neiman Lab writes


The Economic Hardship Reporting Project, (EHRP), the nonprofit organization founded by Barbara Ehrenreich to fund journalism about growing inequality in America, won three Los Angeles Press Club awards for its collaborations with Capital & Main, announced at the 59th Southern California Journalism Awards.

EHRP won first place for commentary for executive editor Alissa Quart’s column in Capital & Main that was co-published with The Guardian, “Is the Middle Class Being ‘Disrupted’ Into Extinction?”
“Backed with pertinent facts, Alissa Quart’s dystopian opinion suggests an uneasy future for the ‘Middle Precariat,’” said the Club’s judges of Quart’s column.

The article sought to make sense of the many middle-class professions facing constriction in the last decade, most startlingly by robots

EHRP also won two third place awards from the Press Club, in the lifestyle feature and hard news feature categories respectively.

“In a time when the media neglects reporting on social class and ignores labor almost completely, Alissa’s columns cast a bright light on the new, well-founded ‘fear of falling’ among the upper and lower middle classes,” says EHRP founder Barbara Ehrenreich.

These awards define different poles of what the small but mighty journalism non-profit EHRP has been supporting with grants and editing for five years. The first is to foster innovative writing, analysis and reporting about inequality and ensure these deep, new takes reach the broadest possible audiences. The second is to enable independent journalists to prosper during the continuing contraction of the media industry.

The Los Angeles Press Club is a non-profit organization that supports, promotes and defends quality journalism in Southern California. Capital & Main is an award-winning online publication reporting from California.

About The Economic Hardship Reporting Project
The Economic Hardship Reporting Project aims to change the national conversation around both poverty and economic insecurity. The stories EHRP commissions — from narrative features to photo essays and video — put a human face on financial instability. EHRP funds and places reportage and photojournalism with news sites and magazines including The New York Times, NBC News, Politico, The Verge, Vox, Vogue, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Arkansas Times and many others.

Save An Endangered Species: Journalists

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project supports independent journalists so they can create gripping stories which often counter the typical disparaging narratives about inequality. This high-quality journalism is then co-published with mainstream media outlets mobilizing readers to address systemic economic hardship.

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