April 2019

Co-published with The Bittman Project and Mother Jones. EHRP and The Bittman Project reimagine the modern recipe.

Co-published with Christian CenturyYet their extensive efforts go largely unseen outside their communities.

Co-published with The Baffler. The Koch network’s war on education goes west.

Co-published with Literary HubAlissa Quart reckons with the precarity of the writing life.

Co-published with TIMEWe must help ease the economic burden for patients who have chronic diseases, as well as the stigma that trails them.

Co-published with Mother JonesWith few protections, the day-to-day demands of caregivers can go unnoticed.

Co-published with Oldster Magazine. "Like hundreds of thousands of men in their early 60s across the country, I was forced to start to get used to the idea that the marketplace may be deciding that I am

Co-published with HuffPost"My story is a testament to the trap that many of us find ourselves in."

Published by The New York TimesVoices from the tents, shelters, cars, motels and couches of America. Former EHRP reporter Lori Teresa Yearwood helped The Times Opinion develop this project and died before publication.

Co-published with Harper's MagazineCan a city stop a housing crisis?

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project is excited to announce that Deborah Jian Lee and Maire O’Malley are joining our team as Senior Editor and Chief Operating Officer, respectively. We are expanding EHRP at a pivotal moment in journalism: major news

TikTok creator Caitlyn Clark (@c.a.i.t.l.y.n) discusses Alissa Quart’s new Jacobin article about the crisis facing American media.

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