Amplifying the Voices of America’s Poor to Change the Conversation About U.S. Poverty

EHRP was founded in 2012 by activist and author Barbara Ehrenreich to achieve a straightforward aim: highlight the voices of people from underrepresented backgrounds in media. The nonprofit does this by identifying writers, photographers, visual artists, and filmmakers with a unique, personal perspective on poverty, inequality, and hardship in the U.S…

While EHRP does also fund more traditional, in-depth journalism on issues of poverty in the U.S., its primary focus is on bringing the voices of people who have experienced the issues they write about to mainstream media. In 2018, EHRP placed 132 stories in various media outlets and expects that number to rise to over 160 by the end of 2019. In 2017, all their articles across all of their copublishers was 586 million page views.

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Save An Endangered Species: Journalists

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project supports independent journalists so they can create gripping stories which often counter the typical disparaging narratives about inequality. This high-quality journalism is then co-published with mainstream media outlets mobilizing readers to address systemic economic hardship.

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