The New York Times Reviews EHRP Founder Barbara Ehrenreich’s New Book

On April 30, 2020, Jennifer Szalai, a nonfiction book critic at The New York Times, reviewed our founder Barbara Ehrenreich’s new book, “Had I Known.” In her review, Szalai noted that Ehrenreich dedicated her book to us, the Economic Hardship Reporting Project:

As one of the haves, Ehrenreich could afford to write what she wanted, but she was bothered by a dispensation that allowed an affluent person like her to produce articles about homelessness and hunger while those who truly struggled couldn’t afford to write about what they understood firsthand. She created a nonprofit organization called the Economic Hardship Reporting Project to support the work of journalists “who otherwise might never be heard from on account of their poverty or skin color, gender or sexual orientation,” and dedicates this new book to them.

Read the entire book review here.

Save An Endangered Species: Journalists

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project supports independent journalists so they can create gripping stories which often counter the typical disparaging narratives about inequality. This high-quality journalism is then co-published with mainstream media outlets mobilizing readers to address systemic economic hardship.

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