EHRP-Supported Stories Win Big at the Society for Features Journalism Awards

Two EHRP-supported pieces won second-place prizes at the Society for Features Journalism’s 2020 Excellence in Features Awards, the group announced on July 6. “California’s Forage Wars,” written by indigenous journalist Debra Utacia Krol and accompanied by photos by Rian Dundon, won second place in the Food Feature category, with a judge writing that it was “a perfect examination of how food, history, politics and sustainability collide in a single community.”

Meanwhile, Brian Goldstone and Alessandra Sanguinetti’s piece, “3 kids. 2 paychecks. No home,” won second place in the Diversity in Digital Features category (co-published with The California Sunday Magazine). Here’s what a judge had to say about the story:

Amid a housing crisis that is all too often reported through trends and figures, one thing’s for certain: the human toll of this particular pandemic is best understood through stories like the one of Frankie and his brother and baby sister. Brian Goldstone tenderly narrates this family’s journey with compassion and detail, revealing an honest story about love, sacrifice, and the determination to provide for one’s family. This is the kind of story that shouts for change in a system slanted toward economic inequity, but it does so through adept and masterful storytelling. Paired with Alessandra Sanguinetti’s unwavering photos, “3 kids, 2 paychecks, no home” is an American portrait of our era.

View the entire list of winners here.

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