Housing Is a Right. During a Pandemic, It’s Also a Fight.
Erika carries her ladder from the row of trees she's just finished picking, to the next row in Poplar. The ladder weighs about 30 pounds. Most women farmworkers normally wear some kind of face covering, usually a bandanna, while working in the fields. The bandanna protects against the sun and breathing dust, and even against sexual harassment. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis bandannas have become a protection against spreading Covid-19 as well. Photo by David Bacon

EHRP Named Best Non-Traditional News Source by New York University

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project was named the Best Non-Traditional News Source at New York University’s first annual American Journalism Online Awards, the university announced on May 10, 2021. The AJO Awards recognize excellence in reporting, writing and news production across genres.

View the entire winners’ list here.

Save An Endangered Species: Journalists

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project supports independent journalists so they can create gripping stories which often counter the typical disparaging narratives about inequality. This high-quality journalism is then co-published with mainstream media outlets mobilizing readers to address systemic economic hardship.

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