“Going for Broke” Wins Top Podcast Prize

On June 8, 2023, the second season of “Going for Broke,” a co-production of EHRP and PRX’s To the Best of Our Knowledge at Wisconsin Public Radio, won a first place award at the National Association of Real Estate Editors’s (NAREE) 73rd Annual Journalism Awards competition. The audio series was the gold winner in the Best Real Audio Real Estate Report – Online or Broadcast – Podcast or Radio category.

“Beautifully produced and deeply reported, this audio story takes the listener by hand to navigate the complex issue of affordable housing through the lens of the people impacted and the experts who want to solve the crisis,” the judges said.

“Quart and Kleiber found memorable characters who stick with the listener, such as Bobbi Dempsey, who grew up not knowing where she would sleep at night. Another woman confronts her assumptions about homelessness after she takes in two young women living out of their car. Music transitions, natural sound breaks, and elegant writing round out the winning entry.”

View the full list of winners on the NAREE website.

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