Author: Alice Proujansky

Alice Proujansky is a documentary photographer covering women and labor: birth, work, motherhood, and identity. 

Co-published with The Nation. The coronavirus works like a highlighter, making our long-standing societal inequities more visible.

Co-published with Cosmopolitan. As Kayla Jones, 28, kisses her 2-year-old daughter, Lola, good-bye this morning, she doesn’t know if she’ll spend the day working with women who are joyfully welcoming or somberly ending their pregnancies.

Co-published with Medium. Teaching in challenging environments isn't easy, and good intentions aren't enough.

Co-published with Narratively. Alice Proujansky captures the overwhelming, inspiring reality of being a working mom in 2016.

David Rosenberg writes on Slate's Behold blog about Alice Proujansky getting to know Guido and Blanca while shooting "Class Struggles".

Co-published with The New York Times. Increasingly, even middle- and upper-class parents are finding that day care is nearly impossible to afford.

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