Author: Conor Gillies

Conor Gillies is an audio producer at Radio Open Source and specializes in cultural documentaries.

Co-published with Jacobin. Columbia Point tenants face new management and a private police force.

Co-published with Jacobin. Sisters Angie Irving and Linda Wade bring the Black Panthers to Boston’s Columbia Point housing project.

Co-published with Jacobin. Tenants take their growing dissatisfaction and aim it at their landlord, the Boston Housing Authority.

Co-published with Jacobin. A group of black mothers in Boston public housing ramp up their militant tactics—including a two-day lock-in at a welfare office—to get the services they are owed.

Co-published with Jacobin. At Columbia Point, a new public housing project in Boston, mothers organize to try and close the city dump.

Co-published with Jacobin. Coming November 19, A People’s History is a striking, new documentary podcast series from Jacobin and the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

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