Author: Dale Maharidge

Dale Maharidge is a professor at Columbia University's School of Journalism. He won the 1990 non-fiction Pulitzer Prize for And Their Children After Them. Most of his books are about the working class.

Co-published with The Nation. For months, our leaders have known that the Covid-19 crisis could force millions of people from their homes. They decided to let it happen.

Co-published with The Daily Beast. These voters were made—not born. The way to change that may be a contemporary New Deal to support “laboratories” to restore American greatness and a fair deal for workers.

Co-published with Harper'sIf the roads are failing, it means government is failing.

Co-published with Smithsonian MagazineTo mark the 75th anniversary of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, photographer Matt Black and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dale Maharidge, traveled to California's Central Valley, Cleveland and northern Maine to chronicle

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