Author: E. Tammy Kim

E. Tammy Kim is a freelance reporter, former attorney, and contributing opinion writer at The New York Times. She has written about labor, politics, arts and culture, and the Koreas for outlets including The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The Nation, and The New York Times Magazine. She is the co-author and co-editor of Punk Ethnography, a book about the politics of avant-garde world music.

Co-published with The New York TimesThe Lummi Nation has a long, proud history of contesting ecologically unfriendly projects. Will it succeed against yet another threat?

Co-published with Columbia Journalism ReviewA Seattle newspaper models how to cover unhoused people—and puts money in their pockets.

Co-published with The New York TimesAmerica’s neglect of older people extends to the people who care for them at home.

Co-published with The New York Review of Books. As the housing crisis intensifies across the Bay Area, an activist group of black mothers called Moms 4 Housing is redefining the right to a home in Oakland,

Co-published with The New York Review of BooksThe Trump administration’s plan to terminate the Temporary Protected Status program, if successful, will separate more than a quarter million citizen children from their immigrant parents.

Co-published with The New Yorker. In 2006, a group of nineteen archivists, librarians, curators, historians, and anthropologists gathered in Arizona to draft a set of best practices for dealing with such materials—an effort to repair what one researcher described

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