Author: Elliott Woods

Elliott Woods is an award-winning Montana-based writer and photographer focusing on the intersections of environmental, cultural, and political conflict.

Co-published with the Third Squad Podcast. In Sangin, Afghanistan, Scott McEtchin told Elliott Woods that he joined the Marines to get his life together after a bout of teenage trouble. But trouble wasn’t far behind when McEtchin

Co-published with WIRED. The adrenaline of the first days of the Covid response has drained away, leaving sore muscles, heavy hearts, and a creeping awareness that the grind is here to stay.

Co-published with WIRED. Andrew Ibrahim was just finishing his surgical residency in Michigan when the coronavirus surge hit. It took a lifetime’s lessons to face the challenge.

Co-published with WIRED. Doctors, nurses, and technicians at the University of Michigan Hospital are coping with fear, exhaustion, and the risk of illness as they face the rising tide of COVID-19.

Co-published with The GuardianElliott D. Woods spent time in Phillips County in northern Montana, where public land is a source of life to which ranchers are intimately connected. If the plan to transfer lands to the

Co-published with The Guardian and Mountain Outlaw MagazineRanchers in the west have been struggling for decades. Now a new threat looms: public land might be taken away from them

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