Author: Joseph Rodriguez

Joseph Rodríguez, a photojournalist, is a professor at New York University and the International Center of Photography. He is the author of “Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s” (powerHouse Books). Recent exhibitions of his work have appeared at Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm, Sweden, The African American Museum in Philadelphia, PA and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Co-published with The New York TimesDecades of tough-on-crime sentencing and increasingly rigid release policies have left many to grow old in a system that was not designed to accommodate them.

Co-published with The Guardian. Working for the county probation department, the largest in the nation, means being equal parts social worker and law enforcement.

Co-published with The New York TimesWhat it looks like to re-enter life in Stockton, Calif., after a long stint in prison.

Co-published with The New York TimesIn a gripping photo essay, Joseph Rodríguez captures the isolation of a storm-ravaged island.

Co-published with The New York TimesWhatever happened to the "gangbanger"?

Co-published with The New York TimesPuerto Rico's growing debt is causing the population to migrate en masse in search of better opportunities. But what about those who can't leave?

Co-published with The New York TimesJoseph Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, documents the lives of families in conflict in the place of his ancestors.

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