Author: Lori Teresa Yearwood

Lori Yearwood is a freelance journalist who specializes in collapse and the recovery from collapse. A Contributing Editor at the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and The American Prospect, among other publications. Photo © Preston Gannaway.

Co-published with Slate. I learned racial ambiguity was not something I could afford.

Co-published with Slate. A 22-year-old takes to the streets of a restless Salt Lake City.

Co-published with Slate. What do stay-at-home orders mean when there’s nowhere to stay?

Co-published with Slate. I was homeless in Salt Lake City. But nothing prepared me for what I saw in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

Co-published with The Guardian. Despite a federal law that prohibits the shackling of expectant mothers, the 85% of incarcerated women who are in state prisons or …

Co-published with Slate. Among homeless people, PTSD is widespread and widely overlooked.

Co-published with CNBC. Decades of discrimination by the government and America’s financial institutions have induced an almost trauma-like response in many people of color, making them …

Co-published with The American Prospect. How medical-provider gouging burdens the homeless with debt and frustrates recovery.

Co-published with Hmm Daily. From the stones we cast to the way cities are designed, the dehumanization of the homeless permeates all corners of society.

Co-published with San Francisco Chronicle. Sleep deprivation haunts unhoused people, worsening the trauma that sometimes caused their unsheltered situations in the first place.

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