Author: Martina Abrahams Ilunga

Martina Abrahams Ilunga is the co-founder of You Had Me at Black, a podcast dedicated to reclaiming the Black narrative by passing a microphone to regular people to share stories and creating a multimedia archive of Black life. To date, their team has recorded almost 100 stories, 80+ of which are published on their podcast (downloaded over 500k times by listeners in 31 countries), and brought the show to life on a five-city tour. You Had Me at Black’s stories have caught the attention of For Harriet, Saint Heron, and XONecole. In a past life, Martina worked in sales and marketing at tech giants like Google and Square. She graduated from Georgetown University and is an avid lover of soca music.

Co-published with You Had Me At BlackIn honor of Black Maternal Health Week, NATAL teamed up with NPR’s Life Kit to share stories from parents who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. In the season finale, Dallas-based mother and doula, Trish, demonstrates what agency from day one looks like for Black birthing parents.

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. This week, we discuss the stigma around home births, and explore the radical work of full-spectrum doulas and the ways they strive to provide quality perinatal support for all

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. Marilyn and Yvonne are two parents determined to grow their families. When pregnancy loss disrupts their plans, they turn to their faith. Please note, this episode contains graphic details about

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. This week, NATAL explores the historical roots of modern obstetrics and gynecology, and how flaws in medical education and research contribute to the Black birthing crisis.

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