Author: Melissa Chadburn

Melissa Chadburn has written for Guernica, Buzzfeed, Poets & Writers, Salon, American Public Media’s Marketplace, Al Jazeera America, and dozens of other places.

Co-published with Longreads. Melissa Chadburn challenges her own belief that environmental justice issues are reserved for people of privilege.

Co-published with The New York Review of Books. When you are always on the run, from the bill collectors or the Man, or people in suits …

Co-published with The New York Review of BooksMelissa Chadburn on anger, organizing, and the persistence necessary to carry on.

Co-published with CityLabUsually, the public benefits of gambling deteriorate over time. But many American cities still pin their economic hopes on casinos.

Co-published with Proximity Magazine. On being skipped over or paraded in front of a crowd.

Co-published with DAME MagazineActivists like undocumented worker Sandra Henriquez have put their lives on the line to protest injustice. Under a Trump administration, progressives might want …

Co-published with Los Angeles Review of Books. Tactics to combat pay theft and protect the writing community.

Co-published with Lenny LetterDuring a chaotic coming-of-age, a Christmas tree was a symbol of hope and love.

Co-published with The Establishment. After being heavily governed your whole life—told when to eat, when to sleep, when to come home—you’re suddenly set free to make your …

Co-published with Jezebel. It is possible to break the rules and get away with it in America—but only if you're rich.

Co-published with Jezebel. The story of these people was not one of a lack of resilience but of too many systems to navigate.

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