Author: NATAL

NATAL passes the mic to Black families to hear all about their journey to parenthood in their own words. NATAL's second season follows four parents in rural Mississippi, Iowa and Hawaii as they birth new lives and legacies exactly where they are. Interwoven by narrative interludes, this 10-part story album features the birthworkers, medical professionals and advocates caring for Black rural families at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Co-published with NATAL. We head home for a final good-bye to hear how Anasia, Ciara, Erick, Shayla and more are building new legacies exactly where they are.

Co-published with NATAL. Alabama Birth Collective founding member, Nadia Gramby, on the sisterhood of birthwork.

Co-published with NATAL. The parents adjust to life postpartum and the powerful transformations they've undergone.

Co-published with NATAL. From the physical to the emotional, all four parents navigate the highs and lows of pregnancy—and for some, even during a pandemic.

Co-published with NATAL. Alabama Birth Collective founder Jasmine Merritt on answering the call to serve.

Co-published with NATAL. Ciara explores the multitude of care options after learning she's pregnant.

Co-published with NATAL. Taking matters into her own hands, Anasia charts new pathways to parenthood uniquely her own.

Co-published with NATAL. Fannie Lou Hamer, Southern freedom fighters and one of the oldest Black-founded towns in America spark The Browns' most transformational decision yet.

Co-published with NATAL. The moments that (re)introduced Shayla, Erick and Anasia to their bodies.

Co-published with NATAL. Meet the founding members of The Alabama Birth Collective.

Co-published with NATAL. Anasia Sturdivant and Ciara Hunter leave city life behind to find new places to call home.

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