Author: Rich Benjamin

Rich Benjamin is author of "Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America" and contributing editor of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

Co-published with SlateWhat happens in a Whitopia as a red Georgia turns blue?

Co-published with The InterceptThe sooner liberals understand that Trump’s supporters don’t care autocracy, the better they can push to win this election.

Co-published with The Intercept. We are in the era of Black Lives Matter but anti-racism books should not hold value only in relation to troubled times.

Co-published with The Intercept. It’s time to end the entertainment industry’s anti-Black, pro-police programming.

Co-published with the Los Angeles Times. U.S. corporations are ‘virtue signaling’ like crazy on race. But actions speak louder than words.

Co-published with Esquire. The killing of George Floyd and the inequities of our pandemic response are rooted in the same toxic brew of negligence, intransigence, racist …

Co-published with The New York Review of Books. With COVID-19 infections raging nationally, poor people and people of color remain at risk for an undercount in …

Co-published with The Los Angeles Times. The most draconian cuts in Trump's proposed 2021 budget represent a White House intent on fueling American inequality.

Co-published with The Los Angeles Times. Millennial voters will play a key role in this election, since if they stay at home, Democrats are likely to …

Co-published with The Los Angeles Times. The parents embroiled in the college admissions scandal could learn a thing or two from these selected readings on inequality …

Co-published with The Los Angeles Times. Nowhere is the power of language so stealthy and destructive as the world of high finance.

Co-published with EsquireThe final cause for which King fought—income inequality—has devolved to crisis levels in the 50 years since his death.

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