Author: Stephanie Land

Stephanie Land is a writing fellow at the Center for Community Change and a regular EHRP contributor.

Co-published with The Guardian. Publicly admitting my struggle perpetuated the feeling that I was undeserving of most things – but anyone could find themselves in a similar situation.

Co-published with Lenny LetterWhen I announced my second solo pregnancy, I got hate-filled messages asking me what the hell I was thinking.

Co-published with The New York Review of Books.  How one mother became a writer while feeding herself and two young children on food stamps.

Co-published with Refinery29Who is there for a solo parent to ask for help?

This story originally appeared in The New York Times with support from EHRP. Minimalism is a virtue only when it’s a choice

Co-published with AlterNetConservative lawmakers are making it harder for the hungry to feed themselves.

Co-published with AlterNetI use food stamps. That doesn't mean you get to create a cruel Facebook meme about me.

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