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Co-published with WNYC StudiosHow one woman refused to accept the status quo and helped save the lives of thousands of people in her neighborhood.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosWhy it took the Black community so long to respond to the AIDS crisis.

Co-published with WNYC Studios. The story of how a group of women changed the very definition of AIDS.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosStories from Harlem Hospital’s pediatric AIDS ward.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosIn episode one of Blindspot: The Plague in the Shadows, we learn how HIV and AIDS was misunderstood from the start—and how this would shape the reactions of governments, the medical establishment and communities

Co-published with WNYC Studios. In this fourth and final episode of The Scarlet E, On the Media evaluates potential solutions to America’s crippling eviction epidemic.

Co-published with WNYC Studios. This is the dollars-and-cents episode of The Scarlet E, in which On the Media sets their sights on the practicalities and pitfalls of housing America’s poor families in the private rental market.

Co-published with WNYC Studios. Eviction isn't without its own historical context. In vulnerable communities of people of color, displacement and denial of housing are phenomena centuries in the making. This episode maps the persistent line between racist housing

Co-published with WNYC Studios. We have an eviction epidemic in this country. We’ve had one for a long time. And in this new four-part series from On the Media, host Brooke Gladstone will seek out the

Co-published with WNYC Studios. What does Kirsten Gillibrand's rise tell us about the relationship between gender and power in American politics?

Co-published with WNYC Studios. Before “Yes we can!”, there was “¡Sí se puede!”

Co-published with WNYC Studios. Shrill, strident, bossy. These are the misogynistic slurs women often face when they run for elected office. So what should power sound like?

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