Barbara Ehrenreich’s Favorites

Co-published with The Los Angeles Times. What had I been thinking when I invited a young homeless couple — and their pet rabbit — into my house?

Co-published with The Guardian. Homeless implies a moral failure while being houseless – lacking a permanent three-dimensional structure – is less stress on the planet and on my brain.

Co-published with In These Times. This wasn’t the life I had envisioned for myself: part blue-collar worker, part professional, unable to fit in fully in either realm. I wonder if a piecemeal living of part-time work,

Co-published with CurbedMore and more Americans experience eviction, and gentrification is partly to blame

Co-published with The BafflerAnti-smoking legislation is, and always has been, about social control.

Co-published with The Atlantic. Darryl Lorenzo Wellington reports on the multi-billion dollar plasma donation industry, including his own experience “plassing” for cash.

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