Co-published with National GeographicIn the U.S., women account for a fifth of new infections. But a persistent lack of education means few even know about the highly …

Co-published with The CutAfter having a stillbirth, Adora Perez was charged with murder.

Co-published with SlateFor reproductive-rights defenders, the mood and some of the faces in the Capitol attack were familiar.

Co-published with CosmopolitanOne woman reveals the lengths she went to in order to receive an abortion when Texas clinics closed due to the pandemic.

Co-published with Lenny Letter. Photographer Georgie Wileman documents her life with endometriosis.

Co-published with The GuardianOn the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade, it’s time to highlight a hidden truth: restricting abortion means more maternal deaths.

Film by Maisie Crow. Premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and the LA Film Festival. Maisie Crow expands on her Emmy-nominated documentary …

Published by The Cut. Maisie Crow's Jackson tells the story of the lack of abortion access in Mississippi, revisiting the only remaining clinic in the state which …

Co-published with The Verge. Harsh pregnancy drug laws keep many women from seeking prenatal care, and that puts mother and baby at greater risk.

Co-published with The New York Times Magazine. In 1975, 10 women filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that a Los Angeles medical center was systematically sterilizing Spanish-speaking mothers.

Co-published with MSNBC (excerpt). In huge swaths of conservative America, abortion services have become less and less available. Here are the faces of the people still doing …

Co-published with Slate. Women need more options when dealing with the emotional—and financial—cost of a lost pregnancy.

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