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Co-published with Nieman Reports. Alissa Quart on the reporting behind her book “Bootstrapped."

Co-published with The Guardian. The middle class faces a uniquely American predicament: being ‘squeezed’ economically and psychologically.

Co-published with The GuardianShows like Ozark, Billions and Empire are a new kind of aspirational television, about a 1% that lives with impunity.

Co-published with The GuardianThe national media failed to cover large swathes of the US pre-election, while rural voices have been quieted by the decimation of local news. Our On The Ground project aims to remedy these

Co-published with The GuardianThe big city ‘elites’ drink almond milk, eat organic food – and they’re emblematic of a deep cultural divide experienced by the voters who feel left behind.

Co-curated with Bill Moyers & Company One of the strengths of poetry is that it’s a different kind of language…it can cut directly to meaning making and, yes to emotional truths.

David Rosenberg writes on Slate's Behold blog about Alice Proujansky getting to know Guido and Blanca while shooting "Class Struggles".

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