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Co-published with InsideClimate News and The Huffington PostThe losing fight over the Dakota Access oil pipeline has brought into high relief the dire living conditions of the Standing Rock Sioux and other

Co-published with Oxford American. Elyssa East grapples with the dichotomous legacies left by her family in Kentucky's coal country.

Published by The Cut. Maisie Crow's Jackson tells the story of the lack of abortion access in Mississippi, revisiting the only remaining clinic in the state which was the focus of her Emmy-nominated film The Last Clinic. Produced

Co-published with Jezebel. It is possible to break the rules and get away with it in America—but only if you're rich.

Co-published with The NationUniversities are becoming billion-dollar hedge funds, but students are beginning to fight back.

Co-published with The Nation. Emeryville, California, recently passed the highest city-wide minimum wage in the country. Here’s how workers’ lives changed—and how they didn’t.

Co-published with The Atlantic. Fast-casual restaurants may appeal to yuppies, but for workers they're hardly different from McDonald's.

Co-published with MSNBC. In huge swaths of conservative America, abortion services have become less and less available. Here are the faces of the people still doing this dangerous work—and the faces of their opponents.

Co-published with VICECompanies are building hideouts designed to survive the end of the world—but only for the superrich.

Co-published with the The New York ObserverAdvocates for overweight Americans see wellness programs as thinly veiled fat discrimination.

Co-published with Harper's MagazineTwenty years later, Bill Clinton's welfare reform is still making it harder for poor Americans to access a fundamental right: the right to assistance.

Co-published with VICEWall Street lends money to cities with giant strings attached. The result? An endless cycle of layoffs and slashed spending.

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