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Co-published with The InterceptThe president has prioritized military spending over helping American families cover the rising costs of child care.

Co-published with The Washington PostPoliticians are beginning to more regularly challenge the "bootstraps" model.

Co-published with the Washington Post. Centers are struggling to stay open, and infants are more expensive to care for.

Co-published with SlateSeniors have AARP. Mothers and fathers desperate for child care solutions need a movement just as powerful.

Co-published with Romper.  When grandparents can’t provide care, what happens to working families across the nation? We may be about to find out.

Co-published with CurbedFor many families like mine—with members who are on the spectrum or have other sensory or mental disorders—parks and playgrounds are vitally important.

Co-published with Romper. As a culture we are too technological, too cool, too busy to value child rearing. We nannies feel differently.

Co-published with Romper. Quality childcare costs about as much per year as college tuition in America. So why are childcare workers making close to minimum wage?

Co-published with Romper. We deserve a nation where the next conversation isn’t an anxiety-riddled question about child care, but one full of limitless dreams about the future.

Co-published with Pacific StandardThe Trump administration has quietly removed CCAMPIS, a childcare subsidy for student parents attending college, from its 2018 budget.

Co-published with TIME with additional support from Capital & Main. Middle class and rural parents are on the receiving end of an emerging type of system that could be called daycare inequality.

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