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Co-published with GEN. After a fire destroyed the only place I could afford to live, I knew it was time to leave for good.

Co-published with The New York Times. Following the birth of his daughter, Rian Dundon documented the messiness and gravity surrounding his new role in life.

Co-published with The American Prospect. Poor and working-class neighborhoods often view new art galleries as heralds of gentrification—but some artists have joined with residents to fight …

Co-published with WNYC Studios. Businesses like Avocaderia are creating jobs in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. But at what cost?

Co-published with WNYC StudiosHousing advocates are trying to take multi-pronged approach to manage what they see as the slow encroachment of gentrification.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosIt's a neighborhood that's developing fast — and how affordable it will be for residents and businesses is at stake. Here are four …

Co-published with The New York TimesWhatever happened to the "gangbanger"?

Co-published with CityLabAn open data project sought to battle tax foreclosures by arming residents with information. It may have empowered property speculators more than anyone.

Co-published with AlterNet. For the creative class, living in the cities that advance their aspirations means accepting a Faustian bargain.

There Goes the Neighborhood - Episode 9. Co-published with WNYC Studios and The Nation. The team behind There Goes the Neighborhood …

There Goes the Neighborhood - Episode 7. Co-published with WNYC Studios and The Nation. Some Brooklynites are wrestling …

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