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Co-published with Scientific AmericanThe vulva has long been ignored in anatomical study. But scientists are making strides in mapping the clitoris and improving sensation for survivors of genital cutting.

Co-published with Scientific American. Compared with other diseases with similar economic burdens, research on endometriosis is severely underfunded, in large part because we don’t talk about periods.

Co-published with Scientific American. The U.S. has one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates among developed countries. Researchers from North Carolina to the West Coast are working with parents like Vu-An Foster to understand why.

Co-published with Scientific American. “Normalizing” infants’ and children’s genital appearance to match a sex assigned in early age isn’t medically necessary and can negatively impact quality of life.

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. This week, we discuss the stigma around home births, and explore the radical work of full-spectrum doulas and the ways they strive to provide quality perinatal support for all

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. Unable to find an OBGYN that reciprocated the genuine excitement and warmth she felt about becoming a mother for the first time, Brittany pursues prenatal care with a midwife.

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. Marilyn and Yvonne are two parents determined to grow their families. When pregnancy loss disrupts their plans, they turn to their faith. Please note, this episode contains graphic details about

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. After trying to conceive for 10 years, Shellie was finally having her dream baby, but the challenges of motherhood slowly evolved into a silent struggle with postpartum depression.

Co-published with The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Health professionals are donating their time, revealing what’s best about our country’s generous spirit and what’s worst about our ill-prepared and ungenerous federal government.

Co-published with You Had Me At Black. Facing unplanned pregnancies in their twenties, Mikah and Cecilia's hospital births reveal how access to childbirth education, support systems, and the lack of standardization of care shaped their individual

Co-published with WIRED. The adrenaline of the first days of the Covid response has drained away, leaving sore muscles, heavy hearts, and a creeping awareness that the grind is here to stay.

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