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Co-published with The New RepublicIn Indianapolis, like many American cities, the long shadow of segregation continues to punish Black neighborhoods—to the disproportionate benefit of white landlords.

Co-published with WIRED. As the mayor of a small Indiana city, Pete Buttigieg applied his low-key technocratic style to economic and social dysfunction. Now he wants a chance to fix the country.

Co-published with In These Times. This wasn’t the life I had envisioned for myself: part blue-collar worker, part professional, unable to fit in fully in either realm. I wonder if a piecemeal living of part-time work,

Co-published with In These Times. At this point, betting our future on the next brutal mating ritual of Republicans and Democrats is not a bet most workers are willing to take.

Co-Published with The Nation. The Workers’ Project in Indiana has been uniting undocumented immigrants with white union workers since long before Trump hit the campaign trail.

Co-published with Fusion. The Ft. Wayne Workers’ Project is uniting working class Americans of all beliefs, ethnicities and backgrounds.

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