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Co-published with TIME. Relentless individualism has been part of America's ethos. Not anymore, writes Alissa Quart.

Co-published with EsquireThe financial crunch of COVID turned one man's bartering with customer service representatives into a matter of survival.

Co-published with The Nation. Going for Broke, hosted by Ray Suarez, launches October 18 from the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and The Nation.

Co-published with The New Republic. His “Up” series chronicled lives over five decades, and revealed profound changes in society.

Co-published with The Nation. For months, our leaders have known that the Covid-19 crisis could force millions of people from their homes. They decided to let it happen.

Co-published with Sierra MagazineA photographer explores the devastation left behind by the Oregon and California wildfires.

Apocalypse wow! A satirical parody of how the rich are coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Co-published with Esquire. The killing of George Floyd and the inequities of our pandemic response are rooted in the same toxic brew of negligence, intransigence, racist double standards, and corporate favoritism that prior crises revealed.

Co-published with U.S. News and World Report. In impoverished places like the rural South, standard amenities that form the baseline for warding off coronavirus infection can be hard to come by.

Co-published with GQ. The mercurial billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX regularly flouts the law with little fear of punishment. Elizabeth Spiers on why the rules don't apply to him.

Co-published with The Oklahoman. A floral design program at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City that was created to help homeless and low-income residents find employment has been put on hold due to COVID-19.

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