Co-published with Gothamist. Since January 1- April 1 of this year, the NYPD has: seized 320 e-bikes. issued 459 moving summonses for riding e-bikes, and ticketed more than 70 businesses for employing e-bike delivery drivers.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosSomeone who has been addicted to painkillers or heroin could be on the alternative medication, under a doctor's watch, for many years, similar to a diabetes patient or someone with a chronic condition

Co-published with Fortune. As New York City limits Airbnb rentals, the cottage industries that serviced them has been hit particularly hard.

Co-published with Refinery29. An intimate look at life in this "hidden gem" within New York City, through the eyes of the young women who live there.

Co-published with Narratively. Alice Proujansky captures the overwhelming, inspiring reality of being a working mom in 2016.

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