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Co-published with Vox. If the administration wants to help vets, they should address the stigma around pain and trauma.

Co-published with The GuardianResearchers are exploring how community, connection and trust could help protect society’s most vulnerable.

Co-published with WNYC StudiosSomeone who has been addicted to painkillers or heroin could be on the alternative medication, under a doctor's watch, for many years, similar to a diabetes patient or someone with a chronic condition

Co-published with VICE. Doctors are already getting spooked out of prescribing painkillers, and new rules could make life in some of America's struggling communities even worse.

Co-published with Fast Company Co.EXIST. Portsmouth, Ohio, is a small Rust Belt city ravaged by job loss and economic stagnation. Over time, prescription painkillers replaced the American Dream. When even the pills became too expensive, heroin replaced

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