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Co-published with The Guardian. It’s about to get worse for those needing help as the Trump administration tightens access to all sorts of benefits.

Co-published with The Guardian. Local activists rely on crowdfunding sites to pay for basics – including school lunches.

Co-published with The GuardianAmerica is supposed to have greater social mobility. In the UK, everyone ostensibly has a rung but they are also trapped in that position. But these once-clear binaries are muddled

Co-published with The GuardianWe want the world to be fair: the good will be rewarded, the evil punished. As a result, we blame the victims of misfortune.

Co-published with The GuardianAmericans reflexively link hard work with reward, but what happens as the two become ever more disconnected?

Co-published with The GuardianThere are far too many think pieces about high-level actresses and far too few about the staff at your local diner.

Co-published with The GuardianThe greater the imbalance of income and power, the more opportunity there is to take advantage. As a result, many women feel trapped by their abusers.

Co-published with The GuardianAmericans are exposed to one of the most damaging sources of stress: uncertainty. The assault on our fundamental sense of security can make us sick.

Co-published with the GuardianFor many, talking about money, especially their own, is a social taboo. But now wealthy progressives are opening up about a system that is skewed in their favor

Co-published with the GuardianEmotional, physical or sexual abuse can lie at root of weight problems in later life and, unless targeted, taxes on food types will be cruel to those who self-medicate

Co-published with The GuardianShows like Ozark, Billions and Empire are a new kind of aspirational television, about a 1% that lives with impunity.

Co-published with The GuardianWealth and class are difficult topics to discuss – but as children grapple with inequality, it’s our job to address it.

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