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Co-published with Wisconsin Public Radio and PRXFor generations, documentary poets have helped make sense of some of our most difficult moments – by expressing what might otherwise be impossible to say. So what are they writing about

Co-published with Orion MagazineDocumentary verse by five homeless poets.

Co-published with Literary Hub. Rodrigo Toscano's poetry engages with the world of work, including its impasses and oppressions.

Co-published with The Believer. A striking series of documentary poems about ex-offenders and their struggle to find housing after prison in Cleveland, Ohio.

Co-published with Literary Hub. Poet Jen Fitzgerald chronicles her struggle with housing insecurity in a series of stunning fact-based poems and personal images.

Co-published with Believer Magazine. Manhattan’s Chinatown is a symbol of inequality, and of how one American metropolis is in truth two cities.

Co-published with Poetry Magazine. Our executive director Alissa Quart writes on why (and how) we should try more inventive, non-standard ways of presenting the truth, like documentary poetry.

Co-published with Columbia Journalism Review. If we are going to use the written word, we need to be more imaginative about the modes we are using.

Co-published with The Guardian. Photographer Matt Eich and poet Doug Van Gundy went to Webster county, West Virginia, to find a place where people still celebrate their community.

Co-curated with Bill Moyers & CompanyPoetry provides the constant opportunity to take a situation and cast it in a different light.

Co-curated with Bill Moyers & CompanyLet’s take a closer look at the most feared weapon used by the US in the Korean War.

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