Poverty Tag

Co-published with WABEWhat does a living wage mean to a low-income family? Our contributor Jill Jordan Sieder brings us the story of one Atlanta family struggling through …

Co-published with Canopy Atlanta and Atlanta Magazine. Officials deemed water sales along highway exits a threat. But for one West End teenager, …

Co-published with KPBSAs families throughout San Diego County confront the impact of the pandemic, some communities struggle more than others to see the light at the …

Co-published with Believer Magazine. In low-income communities, a nickname becomes a means to combat hardship — and an avenue for reinvention.

Co-published with the Washington PostI hope that I am among the last who will languish for years with swollen gums and big dreams.

Co-published with Believer Magazine. Adjunct professors, most with no health benefits or job security, fear a new level of vulnerability during the pandemic.

Co-published with Document JournalThe photographer captures the human faces of America's male suicide crisis while confronting the socio-economic factors behind it.

Co-published with the Washington Post. Four new books examine the premise that impoverishment is a moral failing.

Co-published with The Guardian. As inequality has grown, American seniors have been exposed to financial distress in ways that often go unnoticed.

Co-published with The New York TimesWhatever happened to the "gangbanger"?

This story originally appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Oxford American with support from EHRP. What an unsolved double murder in Kentucky reveals about America’s military-industrial complex.

Co-published with 4ColumnsOn TV, the super-rich get away with it yet again.

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