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Co-published with the Utah Investigative Journalism Project and The Salt Lake Tribune. Landlords use loopholes, lack of enforcement to ignore eviction bans. Legal help …

Co-published with Slate. I learned racial ambiguity was not something I could afford.

Co-published with Slate. A 22-year-old takes to the streets of a restless Salt Lake City.

Co-published with The Guardian. Utah has one of the nation’s lowest rates of income inequality in part because of the Church of Latter-day Saints’ welfare system, …

Co-published with The American Prospect. How medical-provider gouging burdens the homeless with debt and frustrates recovery.

Co-published with Hmm Daily. From the stones we cast to the way cities are designed, the dehumanization of the homeless permeates all corners of society.

Co-published with Talking Points Memo. Multi-level marketing has taken Utah by storm, but for these companies to be successful, their associates have to ignore reality and …

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