Welfare Tag

Co-published with The Guardian. Utah has one of the nation’s lowest rates of income inequality in part because of the Church of Latter-day Saints’ welfare system, …

Co-published with AlterNetI use food stamps. That doesn't mean you get to create a cruel Facebook meme about me.

Co-published with Harper's MagazineTwenty years later, Bill Clinton's welfare reform is still making it harder for poor Americans to access a fundamental right: the right to …

Co-published with The Atlantic.  Minimum-wage jobs are physically demanding, have unpredictable schedules, and pay so meagerly that workers can't save up enough to move on.

Co-published with The Nation. Republicans and industry profiteers are targeting high school students, welfare applicants and the unemployed.

Co-published with Salon. Romney says Obama "gutted" welfare reform by waiving work requirements. But what if there's no work to be found?

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