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Co-published with the Utah Investigative Journalism Project and The Salt Lake TribuneThe practice appears to violate a new law setting deadlines for such damage claims.

Co-published with The New Republic. His “Up” series chronicled lives over five decades, and revealed profound changes in society.

Co-published with The Nation. For months, our leaders have known that the Covid-19 crisis could force millions of people from their homes. They decided to let it …

Co-published with The Chronicle of PhilanthropyFor relatively small investments, philanthropy could help preserve some of the most important local journalism around—and fend off growing rightwing “news” sites.

Co-published with the Philadelphia InquirerDuring the pandemic, jail populations — largely poor people who can’t afford bail — have been some of the hardest hit by the …

Co-published with SlateI cheer the new benefits. I also know exactly who will continue to bear this burden.

Co-published with SlateWhat happens in a Whitopia as a red Georgia turns blue?

Co-published with The Guardian. A fledgling movement towards Black-owned farms seeks to address the lack of land ownership and fresh food in many communities of color.

Co-published with Adventure JournalSki resorts are open, but with restaurants closed, and tourism way down, the pandemic might dramatically reshape the ski towns we’ve known and loved.

Co-published with the Texas Observer. In Texas, a tiny staff of tribal officials field hundreds of requests each day to build 5G towers in areas of cultural …

Co-published with the Texas ObserverWhile coronavirus rates remain high, officials have taken unprecedented actions not found anywhere else in the state.

Co-published with the Utah Investigative Journalism Project and The Salt Lake Tribune. Landlords use loopholes, lack of enforcement to ignore eviction bans. Legal help …

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