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This database features alternative experts who are available to the press. Their authority derives from either lived experience or professional expertise or both. The current categories are Drugs, Care, Labor and Economics, with more to come. For additional information please visit the About page.

Ayana Jordan
Barbara Wilson, Endowed Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Jordan, who’s an addiction psychiatrist, helps racial and ethnic minoritized people achieve wellness and recovery from substance use disorders. Her research and clinical work emphasizes equity, inclusion, and structural inequities that impede improved mental health and wellness. She’s also associate professor, Department of Population Health, Grossman School of Medicine, and oversees community engagement at NYU Langone’s Institute for Excellence in Health Equity. Additionally, Jordan is director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiative, for the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network, where she works with people with opioid use disorder in the carceral system. NOTE: Jordan says text is the best way to reach her: (203) 787-8032

FOCUS: Drugs
ORGANIZATION: NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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