Working Sources

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This database features alternative experts who are available to the press. Their authority derives from either lived experience or professional expertise or both. The current categories are Care, Disability, Drugs, Economics, Labor, Military and Housing with more to come. For additional information please visit the About page.

David Hill
1st VP, National Writers Union (NWU)
Hill, a longtime union organizer and journalist/writer, works with NWU to protect and promote the rights and interests of writers in the US. in all genres, media, and formats. He spent over a decade traveling the U.S. and Canada as a union organizer before settling down in New York. Hill has also been the lead strategic organizer for the Writers Guild of America East – WGAE, and an international representative at the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.

FOCUS: Labor
ORGANIZATION: National Writers Union

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