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This database features alternative experts who are available to the press. Their authority derives from either lived experience or professional expertise or both. The current categories are Care, Disability, Drugs, Economics, Labor, Military and Housing with more to come. For additional information please visit the About page.

Joselyn Wilkinson
Statewide Capacity Building Director, Arizona Housing Coalition
Wilkinson, who has experienced housing insecurity herself, has worked in housing and homeless services since 2016. She is deeply involved in state and local policy and advocacy for the Arizona Housing Coalition. She has also been appointed to the Governor’s Interagency and Community Council on Housing and Homelessness. At the Phoenix agency HOM, which operates permanent supportive housing and rapid-rehousing programs for vulnerable vets and their families, her positions included administrator for the homeless veteran program and housing specialist.

FOCUS: Housing
ORGANIZATION: Arizona Housing Coalition

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