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This database features alternative experts who are available to the press. Their authority derives from either lived experience or professional expertise or both. The current categories are Care, Disability, Drugs, Economics, Labor, Military and Housing with more to come. For additional information please visit the About page.

Leslie Forde
CEO and Founder, Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs
Forde developed the framework for Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs, an organization that looks at the challenges mothers face in making time for self-care, interests, and healthy relationships. The priorities at the base of the hierarchy, such as raising children and taking care of household tasks, mean self-care is often left out. She also helps employers retain working parents and create inclusive workplaces, and has been running an ongoing multi-wave study of parents’ attitudes and experiences of combining paid work and child care since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ORGANIZATION: Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs

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